sofiel: What would you say is the must haves for anyone that's baking? My family is Dominican so some of the ingredients (there is never any AP Flour, baking powder) and supplies (cookie trays, cake tins) that are found in a normal household don't actually appear in our kitchen until I buy them... so what do you consider to be the requirements?


I’m Dominican too, and no one but my Grandmother was really a baker, so I had the same problems as you :)

Here is a list of absolute MUST haves (in random order)

  • Cake flour (AP flour is very necessary but trust me so is cake flour. Sometimes (AP flour can mess up a cake recipe)
  • a sifter! you must sift your flour BEFORE MEASURING… BEFORE…. Yes, Before :)
  • silicone/rubber spatulas (this is crucial)
  • LOTS of mixing bowls (different sizes)
  • caster sugar, confectioners sugar, brown sugar, bar sugar and of course regular sugar
  • digital kitchen scale (sometimes what messes up a recipe is using measuring cups instead of weighing) weighing is more accurate and since baking (unlike cooking) is a science… this is crucial
  • measuring cups, measuring spoons (for liquids and for dry ingredients)
  • having a good list of food substitutions like this one I provided ;)
  • really good parchment paper (this is CRUCIAL i don’t care what anyone else tells you don’t listen to them LOL)
  • hand electric mixer
  • full blown mixer (like a kitchenaid)
  • having this great international food conversion list
  • or knowing where to go to convert recipes like this link here
  • pretty plates/serving dishes/glasses/etc presentation is key.

these are just some of my must know/must haves for now! hope this helps! XX

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